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The Telugu industry is increasing its popularity with each passing day. While nothing can beat the sheer number of viewers that the Telugu film industry attracts, Telugu web series, especially on platforms like Aha, see a steady rise in viewership numbers. Over the past year, these Telugu web series have gained massive popularity among urban youth, who are tired of cliches and are looking for new content. Telugu web series online is now trying to touch the same level once ruled by the Telugu industry. The web series, movies, and others made in Telugu are completely fresh and unique with new ideas and content, which are again gaining popularity day by day. Mastis is one of the best Telugu web series, which is appreciated by the audience.

Mastis is a Telugu web series directed by KrishJagarlamudi. The series starts in a resto lounge bar which is known as Mastis. It is owned by a wealthy Ad filmmaker Pranav and his wife, Gowri. On the other hand, the restaurant manager is Anand, who is in deep love with one of his waitresses, Lekha. There is another one, Tanya, who tries harder to make it large with her band by performing at Mastis. During all these, a twist arises when Pranav starts cheating his wife by creating various relationships, and one of them appears to be a model named Simran. This web series revolved around all the cooked relationships and ended with how they sort it out.

The series was written by the director Krish. His scripts are of the best foundation. Krish offers

his characters equal importance and value and even sets very good emotions and feelings for them. All the important web series characters are properly connected and show the present culture in various urban cities. Navdeep has become an experienced actor and works superbly in the role he plays. Navdeep portrays his bad, and good side still balances his act well. BinduMadhavi was blessed with a good platform to perform, and she works at her best. Raja acts as the best part of the show as he showcases his feelings, emotions, and even the breakup issues, which worked superbly. Ajay Bhuyan recorded the web series very well. The way of delivering the speeches and acting all went superbly. Hebah Patel is also decent in her given role. ChandiniChodwary is very good as Lekha and does quite well in all her emotional scenes. Akshara Gowda is perfect as the model and does a great job in her negative role.

Mastis is a series that shows how relationships work in rich urban areas. All the different web series elements such as the setup, performances, production values, and emotions work best. Aha provides the benefit to the audience to watchmastiswebseries online. Tamil films have been extraordinary movies with such a meaningful plot. So why not you also be a part of the Telugu Industry and watch them on your device. For more such amazing web series and movies, download the Aha app and subscribe now because time waits for none, so be fast, Watch it now.

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