Have you ever been robbed of parking space even though you have paid and put signage on it? Don’t worry because your infuriation is completely understandable. No car owner would want to suffer parking inconvenience due to the imprudence of other drivers; this kind of parking problem is not new particularly in bustling cities with no sufficient parking lots. To resolve this territorial rivalry,technology-infused parking solutions were developed which includes the use of bollards to protect private parking lots.

Technology-infused Parking Solution: Bollard

                Bollards are short and sturdy posts, which are typically used as visual guides to guide traffic and mark safe boundaries for pedestrians, but their main purpose is to secure any architectural perimeter from vehicle incursion. Depending on their uses, these buffers can be fabricated using different hard materials such as metal, stone, cement, or plastic to ensure an impact-resistant quality. It can come in different styles, colors, and designs, too, to complement any building façades as it performs its duty in protecting any assets from both natural and human-caused hazards. Currently, it has been utilized as a parking space saver which can either be installed manually or automatically through remote control or smartphones. The infusion of technology in formulating parking solutions does not only provide convenience but also efficiency, especially to people with physical infirmity.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Bollard for Your Parking Space

                In choosing a bollard for your parking space, you need to consider these 3 C’s: convenience, cost-effectivity, and controllability. The unparalleled convenience of the bollards is the primary reason why people avail it. It leaves your mind at ease while you do your daily activities knowing that no irresponsible drivers can steal your parking spot away from you. It also makes your parking payment worth it since you were able to utilize it at its maximum. The second reason behind its popularity is its cost-effectivity because it comes in different functionalities and sizes depending on your budget. It can be installed by yourself which is considered to be the cheapest or it can be operated mechanically using a remote control or through smartphones that have been installed with its corresponding application. The latter method is con tactless and efficient which ensures the health and safety of the car owners, especially in this crucial time. Overall, bollards provide a full sense of controllability for its users.You can finallysay no more to a sudden trip to Jerusalem and irresponsible car owners.

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