Clinics For CT Urogram In New Jersey

CT urogram in New Jersey

There are several diagnostic techniques and procedures that can be done to determine the possibility of diseases in living beings. CT scans are one the most useful tools among them. You can get a CT urogram in New Jersey from trustworthy clinics.

Understanding CT urogram

An imaging test to assess the urinary tract is a computed tomography (CT) urogram. The kidneys, the bladder, and the channels that transfer fluid from the nephrons to the bladder are all parts of the urinary tract. Using X-rays, a CT urogram creates many images of a section of the body part being examined, including the bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. Then, a computer swiftly reconstructs these images into accurate 2D images.


An X-ray dye is given intravenously in your forearm during a CT urogram. As the dye enters the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, it highlights each of these organs. During the examination, X-ray images are obtained at certain intervals so that your physician will observe your bladder and evaluate how well it is functioning. To check the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, a CT urogram is employed. It enables your physician to examine the diameter of these parts to ascertain whether they are healthy and to check for any indications of an illness that might damage your urinary system. If you experience signs and symptoms like soreness in your back or side or bleeding in your urine, your doctor may advise a CT urogram.

After the scan

In the event that you had a contrast medium injection, you remain in the hospital for roughly 30¬†minutes. This is just in case, which is uncommon, it leaves you feeling sick. Before you leave for home, your healthcare professional pulls the catheter from your arm. You’re free to eat and drink as usual. An adverse response to the contrast medium happens infrequently. Weakness, perspiration, and breathing issues are most frequently the first symptoms of this. If you feel ill, tell your radiographer as soon as possible.

If you feel like you have symptoms, it is better to get a scan done. consult your physician soon and do the essential precautions.

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