Important tips to build forearm muscles

Forearm Muscles

You’ve probably seen pictures of person with muscle-bound studs with huge chests and rippling abs. The human eye is naturally good at spotting proportion, and it’s likely that person neglected certain body parts, resulting in an irregular shape.

Many people overlook the forearms as one of those muscle groups. In bodybuilding, trainees always assume that since gripping heavy weights is such a huge part of the forearm workouts, there isn’t any need to specifically target the forearms. In reality, most people who don’t possess a naturally large forearm don’t have the gripping ability.

In reality, getting impressive forearms will require a lot of hard work on our part. From my experience is that you will need to target the forearms with a combination of low weight, high repetition exercises and heavyweight, low repetition exercises. You’ll also have to have a lot of patience because you will need to do several sets, each from a different angle. Some of these forearm workouts that help to build forearm muscle are:

Forearm Muscles

  1. Plate pinch: Plate pinches are primarily gripping exercises for the forearms. It is best done with smaller, thicker metal plates. Olympic plates are too large and will slip from your hands. You can pinch them easily. You pinch two plates together with your fingers, pick them up, and drop them. You should repeat the workout as many times as you can.


  1. Wrist curls: The wrist curl can be performed in multiple ways. When performing this exercise, it is almost always best to use a barbell. You can perform the exercise with your palms facing up or down. As a support, you can use a bench or your knees, or you can stand with your hands behind your back and do them that way. With these exercises, you should perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Volume is more important.


  1. Hammer curls: Few exercises are as effective at inducing a burn in your forearms as the hammer curl. In addition to being able to work with more weight, there is also an advantage of using large muscle groups. Hammer curls are also known as cross-body curls. Consistently performing both of these exercises will help you build bigger forearms.
  1. Reverse curls: They are great for targeting the upper part of your forearms. Combining a reverse wrist curl with this exercise is a great way to make it even more challenging. When you reach the top phase of a reverse curl, you perform the concentric portion, and when you reach the bottom phase, you perform the eccentric portion. Making the exercise a little bit more beneficial is a great idea.

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