Professional commercial carpet cleaning services.

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Commercial carpet cleaning service providers are more concerned about your clients than your personal property. For example, commercial carpet cleaning companies concentrate on locating and removing dangerous substances such as grease, paint, stains from various products, pet urine, and feces.


Unlike residential carpets that are cleaned with water only or no-toxic solvents like vinegar, commercial carpet cleaning service in Colorado Springs are cleaned using a specially designed cleaning solution made exclusively for these types of properties. They have a unique ability to clean deep down into the fibers and remove stubborn stains such as bronzer or shoe polish.


Commercial carpet cleaners can remove stains and make your carpets look new again. They also can restore the carpet’s old look by making it more uniform and even.


Commercial cleaning services can find the best ways to bring back a threadbare or faded carpet that is in critical need of restoration. The process is far more delicate than what homeowners can do with their vacuum machines that have only a tiny amount of power when compared with industrial-grade vacuum cleaners used by commercial cleaning companies.


They use potent shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals, making them excellent for cleaning various commercial carpets. Depending on the types of carpets you have installed in your building, you can choose from a wide range of shampooing techniques to suit your unique needs.


The most commonly used carpet cleaning methods are wet cleaning and dry cleaning. The first method involves brushing and then wetting the carpet fibers with a special multi-purpose shampoo. This is followed by hosing down the shampoos to wash away all dirt and grime. The process is followed by hot water extraction and then drying.


The second method involves using the hottest water possible to remove all the soiling from the carpet fibers. The hot water extraction is then followed by a dry cleaner brush to smooth out the spot and make it look as good as new again.


Commercial carpet cleaning services have high-powered equipment to clean carpets in large commercial buildings or inside small offices or other businesses. These companies have cleansers chosen carefully to satisfy the type of carpet they are cleaning. That being said, there are some properties that only cleaners with the right equipment will be able to tackle.

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